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Since we first opened 25 years ago, we have been receiving rave reviews from our customers...which we used to keep on a bulletin board. Now, we're finally entering the 21st century!


Check out a sampling of what they're saying on Yelp:


It's a small place but the service is excellent! J.M. is very knowledgeable and honest he will never give you more than what you need, he has helped my Mom and now me.  I was very impressed! -Angela G.


The store looks AMAZING after the remodel, and I LOVE the new CBD products! My husband and I always enjoy visiting Jim and picking up our usuals, but I just started using CBD for my arthritis pain...and wow! I take the pills daily and put the cream on my wrist, and it's making a huge difference. Honestly, nothing else worked this well. I just bought some CBD treats for my pooch too, let's hope it helps him as much as it helped me! -Ashley A.

The place is set back from the street
Little hard to find...but worth it.
Jim the owner is cool and down to earth,
But knows his health foods.. -Ron L.

I came here for live blood cell analysis, and they really exceeded my expectations!

Before moving to SoCal, I was always a firm believer in live blood analysis...which is this really cool process where you can see your blood under a microscope and see all kinds of crazy things going on.

Natural Health was the only place doing it in our area, and Jim was absolutely incredible! He really knows his stuff and the supplements he gave me have really made a difference.

I will definitely be coming back again soon! Thanks, Jim!   -Michael N.

And a couple comments that we had posted on our board back in the day:


This place is the best! The best asset is the owners, who always go the extra mile to make sure I’m happy.  I’ve come here for help dealing with back pain, chronic headaches, stress and a million other things, and they always find a way to help. Come see Jim, you won’t regret it.  -Nicole T.


The owners really are good, honest people who care about helping people. They helped us through a difficult time and we are truly grateful. -Steven R.


Come and find out for yourself why our customers love us! And if you love our store, please visit us on Yelp and let us know!

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